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What is English Grammar?

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Today, we are starting ENGLISH GRAMMAR lessons in details.
whenever we communicate we need words, and those words contains Grammar which make the communication clear and formal for other's understanding. if we are using correct Grammar means applying all the Grammar rules then it will be perfect but if we are not applying all the Grammar rules then may be the second person can not understand what it means or he can understand it in other way, so we can say that wrong Grammar can cause many mistakes or misunderstanding.
Grammar includes all the rules which are applied by its makers means to say that boundaries are built to make it one for all. Like if there are no rules for any language's Grammar, then everybody can communicate as he/she wants to. There are no meanings if you communicate without correct Grammar. for example if you say" He food" as this sentence is wrong or have no meanings. because
Grammar is not applied, but if we make a correction here like"He eats food" so now you can understand that what someone is doing or did. As we didn't use for of verb before( eats) but in the correction we used form of verb(eats) so it made a sense to understand that what someone is doing.


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Communication Types

  1. Verbal communication
  2. Non-verbal communication
  3. written communication
As we have discussed about the verbal communication in the previous article in details.
Now we will discuss about the Non-verbal communication, its advantages and disadvantages in details.

2. Non verbal communication

As we know that a good communication is the foundation of a good relation and that relation can be personal or it can be your professional relationship.
non verbal method of communication is considered the toughest method because it is very difficult to understand but if someone has the ability to understand so it is very useful and excellent for that person. 
non verbal communication is when we understand the communication of others by looking their face expressions, gestures, eye contact postures, body language and the tone of voice. though this one is a tough task but if someone has then its very good.

  • Advantages
  1. less costly
  2. easy to communicate
  3. less use of voice
  • Disadvantages
  1. very difficult to understand
  2. lack of formality
  3. very difficult to precise
  4. very few people will prefer this method

Monday, June 8, 2015

What is Communication...?

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Today we are going to start a chapter about communication in details using very simple English grammar that every one could understand and could get greater benefit. We can say that this is very best article for the beginners to understand all about the communication process and how to use it in our routine life.So hope you will enjoy this article and i believe that it would really help you to increase your knowledge.

So let's begin_


Is a two way process and without communication you can not deliver your message to the second person.

Simply we can say that communication works like a bridge between two persons and you can let others to understand that what you want to say and in the same way you understand others

Communication Types:

There are three basic types of communication:

  1. Verbal Communication
  2. Non-verbal Communication
  3. Written Communication

So first we discuss the types of communication one by one in details that which method of communication fits best and which of the methods we should use in our daily life.
We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of every method.
  • Verbal Communication
When we share our point of view,questions,answers and every thing which we want to share with others while speaking its called verbal communication.although its very effective and easy way of communication and to pass on our message to the listener but there is also a negative side of this method of communication.

  • Advantages
While using this method of communication we can save time of both the parties because we can answer or feed back immediate to the listener and we can get reply on the same time without wasting time and even cost also.

  • Disadvantages
while using this method of communication you will find disadvantages also. like if you are passing your message verbally may be after some times you can forget and you won't have a proof that what you said and what the second person replied. it means that you don't have proof for the communication.

Friday, January 3, 2014

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Wordinn English to Urdu & Urdu to English best dictionary

Wordinn English to Urdu & Urdu to English best dictionary

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Safety Tips for your Google Adsense account

If you follow these steps then you can keep safe and secure your Adsense account.

  • Don't click yourself on your website or Blog
  • Don't send links of your website to others for click
  • Don't invite people to join your page or like your website
  • Display ads on your website according to the instructions give by Google
  • Never insert more ads on one page
  • Don't insert other companies ads while inserting ads from Adsense
  • If mistakenly you clicked the ads or sent link to someone then quickly justify yourself to Google 
  • If you feel any trouble regarding ads or about any other issue just ask Google for help.


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